Tuesday, February 17, 2009

roody pooh, candy ass

Have i helped build a war against those that i love? Have i helped dig a whole to bury my close friends? Have i given the tools for their enemies to destroy them? or have i simply forgot what is most important?

I am willing to accept, and ratify that i have put my interests in front of other people´s. I am willing to accept that i did not care about what others thought of me. I was punctual in forgetting my appointments, whether for i found them pointless, wheter for i found them dull. I have met many people i don´t remember anymore, and a larger amount of people that probably don´t remember me. However, i have managed to keep those I am convinced are the most valuable, and tried desperately to recover those I just found out i can not live without.

I won´t as i should not, stop in my pursuit of happiness, and for that i know i need the tools, the tools that only a few people can hand me.

For what I have done, i am most sorry. I know i have forgotten many. And I repent and I apologyze. For what I have not done, I am not sorry, and I stand my position as a bad friend, however never as a traitor.

Few people make it to my personal account of valuables, apart from my dad, mom and my 4 siblings. Chucho, for his loyalty, his mother for her care. Arin for his knowledge. Tito for his elderness, Stina for her love and passion, Joey for her never ending friendship, and Rana for his jokes.

como te ha ido? has conocido la felicidad?

Can two people be the same spirit in two different bodies? I might have proven so.

Luckily for me (very luckily) i have met a rather large group of peruvians living in sweden. Fantastic people. Gaby, the elderly mother and chief of the clan, is an amazing cook, always has something on the cooker, and there is always another chair on her table for her to share. My old neighbors in Guatemala used to be like that. Aidee used to take me as a kid of her own, and i am pretty sure that if i ever go back, she would take me under her wing again.

Lucho, or Tio Lucho as everybody (me included) calls him is another amazing guy who knows about everything and strongly believes his land is the best. Reminds me of my father a lot. As we are listening to old 60´s and 70´s tunes, he would crack up some jokes that, because of his peruvian lingo, i wouldn´t understand... Pull out a guitar, and the man can stay up until dawn just singing and enjoying life... Plus, he is a lawyer who decided he liked the academy more, so he is devoted to teaching and is the head of the law department... coincidence? i want to think it is faith...

Jairo, the son, is a know-it-all, fuck-it-all, latino wannabe dandy... Great guy, but too much of a playa... reminds me of a large nosed friend of mine in guate.

Of course, we have phil baker, the never stop speaking dude, who might as well save your life or push you down a cliff. Never know what to do. Despite the fact that he is a reliable man, and so far, a pretty decent dude, he seems to have no limits for poking people, and sometimes this can be misunderstood... Ring a bell, rana??

I could go on for ages, but I want to hang the question: is it possible to have ghosts following you? or is it just your destiny that has been marked from the beginning??

Monday, February 16, 2009

as Arin said

as arin said, i'm sorry i'm so boring, but i don't have inspiration to write today... will do tomorrow... jag lovar

Friday, February 13, 2009

20 random things

As i have seen so many people do it on Facebook, i thought of it as a good idea, for it gives me a chance to search within my soul about what i´m thinking in a specific moment, and also gives my readers a chance to know me better... so i will write 20 things about me randomly and constantly:

1. I write in English, first, because i find it easier, as grammar rules are not as complicated as in spanish. Secondly, because i strongly believe that if i don´t use it, i might lose it. And most important, because I am an intellectual and i am also very influenced by books and in some readings i did, english is mentioned as the language of the enlightened...

2. I love my sister more than anything else in my life. Despite of what everybody says, i do not find her beautiful... i think she is not good looking. Nevertheless, her attitude towards life makes her the most beautiful girl in the planet.

3. I always thought of the latin culture as rather annoying, until i met the peruvians in Sweden and i discovered what i always knew... it is fantastic and fascinating.

4. I think cats are disgusting and bad pets. They only come back if they need feeding, and they are not fun to play with.

5. I am an expert in fixing other peoples lives... however, i don´t seem able or strong enough to fix my own...

6. I have been able to realize what i want. I have realized also that happiness is not in having what you want, but knowing where to aim.

7. I don´t like people who get married before 30. I think they are rushing their lives and won´t be able to reach their goals, therefore transmiting frustration towards their new family.

8. I tend to imitate people. Sometimes it is not the good side i pick to imitate, and it leads me into trouble. But if i must name names, i have tried to imitate my brothers determination to do things, my mom´s hard work, mi dad´s ambition, Arin´s educated manners, Stina´s discipline, just to mention some...

9. I like politics as a topic. I think it is an interesting subject of study and of conversation. Just as long as I have a good counterpart, who knows about some topics, and when doesn´t, just lets it pass, i think it can lead to amazing knowledge. On the other hand, I have had plenty of self called politics as conversation pals, and it has hopelessly ended in a total dislike for the man. Why can people just accept that they don´t have a clue of what they are talking about? Why do they have to show they can do it all? Is that how they plan to rule the country?

10. I used to listen to my mom´s advice. At first, thought she was crazy and let it pass, but memorized it, so i could answer when asked. Now, a long time after, i have realized how she was very right about stuff. I think my dad gave me good advice too, but since he grew up in a very small town, his perception of life was different, although this made very humble...

11. I think anthropology would be a great career. But i also have discovered that whatever i study, i will end up teaching, for it is only fair to transmit my knowledge, and for i enjoy teaching.

12. I strongly believe there is only one person reading this. I have mentioned it before, but i think you would be a great best man if i get married. Although is gonna be hard to find a tuxedo that big...

13. I get pissed off at people who get pissed off over nothing. I guess that makes me one of them.

14. I enjoy tv. I really do. I am able of laughing my ass off, at stupid jokes in sitcoms. Most people think i am weird, but i could not care less.

15. Now that i am away from my land, i am struggling with the making of frijoles and tortillas, two things i never bothered to learn in Guatemala.

16. I really don´t think i could spend my life with a guatemalan girl. They might be beautiful, they might be homey, yet, they are too clingy.

17. I love beer. I thing it is good for your health to have one now and then. And i found non-alcoholic beer, as in the cocacola ads... same flavor, no sugar.

18. I think i should write a book.

19. I strongly believe that Stina is going to be pissed off at me when she reads about Cristian and Santi. She won´t let me talk (at all) about her sister. However, she is the first one to make fun of my relatives. I don´t find this fair, so i tell her.

20. I don´t like people who can´t relax. I know it is important to have everything set and bla bla bla, but what is the point of building a castle if you can´t sit and enjoy your work?

Cristian and Santi

Being this my first post, i reckon it was only fair to introduce my readers to my main characters. Through them you will find out what is going on with me.
Cristian and Santi, are two friends, best friends, who live together in an apartment in a very nice city. Cristian is the oldest and despite being quite an intellectual, is lead to mistakes due to his bad temper. Anything can set the bomb off.
Santi, hasn´t decided what to do with his life, has started and not finished a lot of projects, and now just works to pass life.
Joann is Cristian´s girlfriend. She is a foreign to this city and tries her best to stay away from trouble. Has an independent spirit, but loves Cristian too much to live without him. She loves to analyze the way people behave, and would be a great psychologist or antropologist.

Thank you for reading this so far...